Cheaper Shippables!

Many of you know how I make all of the shippable treats, like the Banana Butt Muffins, Brownies, etc….  Small batches, once or twice a week per item, and then they ship when ready.  The problem is, that more and more of you are buying a bunch of different things at once, and I want to make sure everything gets shipped to you at the same exact time.  So, I’ve reduced the prices of the shippables by 10%, hoping that more of you will try more of my treats.  This will allow me to bake more often, and ship out faster and more frequently. :)  As is right now, the average delay to ship something is about 2-3 days, I’d like to get it to same day or next day!

So what are you waiting for?!?  Try a Brownie, Banana Butt Muffin, Poo-Pop, Twinkie, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies, or even a full batch of the Tour of Alexa for an even bigger discount!