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Back from Vacation Time

So as many of you all have noticed I have been a little busy this past week, I had family in town  going to the beaches and also buying a huge yacht which I cannot wait to make a ton of videos for you all on:) But now I am back and ready to get SHIT done !! I know you all understand,  but I want to thank you for understanding that my emails and order processing was SLOW because of the fun I was having with family. But I am back much tanner :)

Panty Pooping

This Month I will be dedicating my time to panty pooping videos! So who is excited? I know I am let me get pooping<3

Now Accepting Bitcoins!

Well, I already accepted them, but it was manual and somewhat a pain in the ass. :-)  Now you can pay with Bitcoin automatically during checkout and your downloads are instant upon confirmation!  Bitcoins are 100% anonymous, safe, and super easy.  Let’s see how many John Doe’s are the first customers!

New Videos

So there are some great new videos coming up, and I see you boys are enjoying the new higher resolution! But I really want to know what you want to watch! Nothing to crazy,  I’ve had some good ideas in the past, but something reasonable. No I wont shit while horseback riding lol , But great Idea! The best ideas will certainly be made, and the worst will not:) Something new and different !